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Looking for guest posting sites in news, education, and digital marketing-related sharing blog, then you are in right place to Submit your knowledge or experience with the best and most reliable information in the blog or article format. We accept creative writing skills for making a creative and informative environment in the world. So share best practices and writing skills with us or write for us for education, business, newspapers, or news. We have an experienced team to manage or Update the content in the latest google guidelines editor. We share experienced latest, authoritative, and informative content on our website.

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Please Submit quality and unique content on our website in the suggested category or write for us with hard work and get your content awareness. Content should be a minimum of 800 words with subheadings h2 and h3 with keywords optimized and two links and 2 quality images with proper alt tags.

our editors will check all post content and if any user doesn’t follow our guidelines then the content will be deleted without any notification. We don’t accept sexual content, tech help, and other harmful content at any cost. Our aim is to provide relevant and needful information to our gentle customers. Send the article in document format with 2 links and 2 images in HD format. 

Content Writing Format Points:

  1. Main Title or H1 Heading Should be Catchy or Informative about the content.
  2. The first paragraph should be descriptive of the whole content.
  3. Research before writing content with effective writing skills.
  4. Don’t over-optimize the focus keyword in the Content.
  5. Content should be unique and descriptive and in a good tone.
  6. Sub Heading in Content body parts should be done in a proper manner.
  7. Attach High-quality images with related post name keywords.
  8. If possible describe the content point in bulleted format.
  9. Add pros and cons in the content if the content product review is related.
  10. Explain content with the right disclaimers and conclusion.

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What we accept in category:

  1. Education Guest Post
  2. Business Guest Post
  3. Students Guest Post Tips
  4. Computer Guest Post
  5. Newspapers Guest Post 
  6. Digital Marketing Guest Post
  7. Real Estate
  8. Movies and Songs Reviews
  9. Business Reviews

Guest post Website Finding Tips

How to find a guest posting website

To find out guest posting sites or write for us opportunities according to a niche. We should do some keyword combination tricks in a search engine to find out relative category websites.

Search for these keywords + one of the following search terms for a guest post or write for us:

+ “guest blog”/”guest post”
+ “write for us”
+ “submit an article”/”submit a guest post”
+ “contribute guest post”
+ “contribute to our blog”
+ “become a guest blogger”
+ “guest blogging guidelines”
+ “contributor guidelines”
+ “send a tip”
+ “guest post by”
+ “guest author”

Keyword Search Tips in Search Engine

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write to us fashion

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Techniques of Identifying Blogs for Commenting in Relevant Niche

  1. inurl: blog” keyword” comment query
  2. site:.com inurl:blog + “post a comment” + keyword
  3. site:.com inurl:blog + “post a comment” + commentluv enabled
  4. “Add comment” Your Keywords
  5. “Post comment” Your Keywords
  6. “Write comment” Your Keywords
  7. Your Keywords “leave a comment” / “leave a comment”
  8. Your Keywords “Notify me of follow-up comments?”+”Submit the word you see below:”
  9. Your Keywords “Remember my personal information” + “Notify me of follow-up comments?”
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