Why Engage Carpet Cleaning Professionals To Clean Rugs?

Rugs look elegant on your floors and a variety of colors and patterns are available when you make the decision to buy carpets and rugs. Rugs are miniature carpets that can be made of different materials such as

  • Wool
  • Silk
  • Cotton
  • Jute, sisal, sea grass
  • Animal skin
  • Synthetics

Each one of these rug material have certain quality, advantages and disadvantages.  Nylon, wool, acrylic and cotton are most commonly used materials for making rugs and less used materials include animal skin or leather and silk. Rugs are used as additional floor coverings for sub-floors, wall decorations and cozy seating or relaxing mini-carpets on living room and bedroom floors and also in the exterior spaces of a home. Irrespective of the material used and places they decorate, it is important that rugs are kept clean and devoid of bacteria. It is advised to engage Rug cleaning Auckland to keep your rugs and carpets free of germs as they could become responsible for allergies and other health issues related to dust and impure air.

Where rugs are used?

Rugs are used mostly on wooden floors to add warmth to the floor during winter. You can buy a variety of shapes, sizes, piles, colors and patterns and extensively used in sub-floors and to separate floors or work space. Rugs are also used as play area for children, resting area for pets and beautiful wall hanging in drawing room, bedroom, dining room, foyer etc.  Rugs are importantly used as functional and decorative pieces of articles that help increase the aesthetics of the rooms where they are installed. Frequent use of rungs and carpets can get them dirty and regular vacuuming and washing can keep them bacteria and dust free and also help them look new and fresh.

Rug cleaning Auckland

Why clean rugs?

Carpets and rugs could become a refuge from a variety of impurities and bacteria because of their make and composition. They are thick and can lodge allergens in their strands which are hard to remove by sweeping. It will require intense vacuuming and hot water cleaning to get rid of them. Most of the impurities lodged inside rugs and carpets are sand particles and dust brought from outside by shoes, pets and draft. Carpet strands have this characteristic to absorb what is floating in the air above them and absorb. Allergens lodged inside these strands are capable of escalating allergies in people suffering from the condition and cause respiratory problems to occupants.

Using professional cleaning is better carpet/rug cleaning option

Rugs can be generally kept free of dust and allergens by using domestic vacuum cleaners but you may find it a tedious job as it involves lots of physical energy. Sometimes it becomes difficult to clean carpets thoroughly due to their thickness and inadequate cleaning procedures and equipment. Professionals can do it better because they are equipped to tackle dirt accumulation in rugs and carpets and they will use better vacuum cleaning methods that come from their professional experience. They will also resort to hot water cleaning to kill germs and allergens and other advanced carpet cleaning techniques and technicians. Besides washing them they will also dry rugs and carpets using advanced drying technology and prevent the formation of fungi, mold, and bacteria. For this they will resort to deep cleaning, dry extraction and rotary shampoo procedure and more.

 Why do floors need polishing?

It is a good practice to polish hard and synthetic flooring after certain amount of time because it keeps the floor material devoid of dirt, dust, and other impurities. Polishing the floor keeps it clean and dirty floors can be repulsive factor to business. Polished floors look inviting and it will improve the aesthetics of your living room and other rooms. Floors make great impression on customers and commercial establishments are required to keep them well polished so it always looks new. Unpolished floor can spread diseases and infections and the dirty look can significantly prevent customer traffic. Commercial spaces especially are dirties by foot traffic that bring dust and dirt and other impurities with their footwear. Only a professional Polishing service in Auckland can do a better job of floor polishing because they are trained to do that.  They will also use the right equipment, polish and technician to accomplish the task neatly. Vacuum cleaning keeps your surfaces clean and devoid of dirt but polishing will simply enhance the looks of your floors, so make sure to engage a professional at regular intervals to protect your surfaces and floor coverings.


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