Mobile cranes on daily basis

Types Of Cranes And Their Use In Construction And Other Industries

In the fast-evolving construction industry around the world machinery and equipment relevant to lifting and moving are used extensively. This is because they make short work of tasks and save money, labor, and bother.

Construction businesses, mining and excavation industries, heavy machinery manufacturers, warehouses, public works, and other industries require machinery that can move a huge volume of weight or material from one place to another using just one single operator.

This equipment can drastically reduce the labor force and importantly save money for contractors. Cranes are most often used as heavy equipment that can take loads and deliver them at a height that is not possible for the capacity and capability of humans.

You can hire cranes of different types from equipment rental Abu Dhabi and their services are not just limited to delivering cranes but also provide trucks, long haulers, short haulers, dumpers, and others that can deliver material from one project site to another project site of a construction firm.

Mobile cranes are used for both small and big projects and the choice of mobile cranes for projects will depend on the type of work and its size.

Mobile cranes are facilitated by special features like their lifting capacity, lifting range, work radius, lifting angle, weight and dimensions, mobility, preparation time, and capability to work at night.

The following types of cranes are used in construction industries:

  • Mobile Cranes
  • Vehicle Mounted Cranes
  • Tower Cranes
  • Telescopic Cranes
  • Overhead Cranes
  • Loader Cranes
  • Floating Cranes
  • All Terrain Cranes
  • Crawler Cranes
  • Railroad Cranes
  • Aerial Cranes
  • Rough Terrain Cranes
Mobile cranes on daily basis
Mobile crane on a daily basis
  1. Mobile Cranes

This is the standard crane used by today’s construction industry. They are the most basic of all cranes used for projects and they consist of a telescopic boom that is mounted on a mobile platform that could be wheeled, move on a rail, or a cat track. Boom is hinged to the bottom which can be raised by hydraulic cylinders or cables. You can hire a Mobile crane on daily basis from crane rentals of the highest quality and service at reasonable rates.

  1. Vehicle mounted crane

This type of crane consists of a crane and an undercarriage both powered by one single engine. Rubber tired trucks are used to mount them which enables them greater mobility. Outriggers are used to help stabilize trucks, which enable cranes to expand horizontally or vertically and also maintain levels while lifting loads.

  1. Tower cranes

This is mostly used in urban construction and it is the modern version of a balance crane. When installed at a construction site it offers optimum capacity and heights for delivering materials. They are bolted to the ground at the site and then removed easily when they are no longer needed. It is advised to attach the crane to the construction so as to avoid swaying or tipping.

  1. Overhead cranes

It is also referred to as a suspended crane and is used mostly in manufacturing units. They can lift loads easily from above as they move forward and backward throughout the workspace. They are also used in shipyards where heavier loads are to be lifted from one place to another. The crane has a hoist-attached trolley that moves along a beam or two in the same direction.

  1. Telescopic cranes

This crane is generally used to lift and transfer heavy objects. It contains large booms with tubes fitted inside which can increase the height of the boom using hydraulic technology. It is used well for transporting items from one place to another and its main advantage is its capability to transfer goods to higher positions.

  1. Rough Terrain Cranes

This is meant for off-road operations and is mounted on an undercarriage served by 4 rubber tires. The crane is stabilized by outriggers while extending vertically or horizontally.  This is mainly used where a typical crane cannot perform.

  1. All Terrain Cranes

This as suggested by the name, can move at the same speed on level grounds as well as rough terrains. Ideal for applying on both types of applications and the crane vehicle is fitted with more tires than usual which allows them to be stable on rough terrains.

  1. Crawler Cranes

This type of crane is supreme in mobility because it is mounted over a caterpillar track. It also has greater strength to handle heavy loads and they need bare minimum preparation to set up and work. They don’t need the help of outriggers and are great for employing on unprepared working sites.

  1. Railroad Cranes

This type of crane is used for the construction of railway tracks and their maintenance. This comes with flanged wheels at the bottom which enables the crane to easily move over rail tracks.

  1. Aerial Cranes

Also known as sky cranes and they look like choppers. It is immensely useful for reaching difficult targets by lift or land. It can lift large loads and deliver them to high-rise buildings.

  1. Loader Cranes

It is also called a folding boom crane which is fitted with a loading arm powered by hydraulic technology and is used to lift and load equipment onto a trailer. Its various sections can be folded and made into one compact machine when not in use.

  1. Floating Cranes

They are also called crane ships or vessels and are used for loading and unloading ships and for the construction of ports or bridges. They can lift up to 9000 tons of weight.

You can hire the above lifting equipment or cranes from equipment rental Abu Dhabi for short-term or long-term services at affordable rates. These are not economical for buying so they are mostly hired for various projects from heavy machinery rental companies.


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